Call for Papers AGILE Workshop on Integrating 4D, GIS And Cultural Heritage


Abundant use of GIS in the archaeological field is challenged by the perspective 
of GIS as a time consuming, non-standardized tool. The standardization available
in geoscience research, with the effort of the Open Geospatial consortium (OGC),
is currently lacking in archaeology. Archaeological standardization is up to this
point defined by local organizations and rather consists of formats than real standards.
There is not such a thing as a single GIS available that can store and analyze the
diversity of data archaeologists often have to deal with. Also, time aspects, uncertainty,
multi-dimensionality, multivocality and subjectivity are not or not sufficiently supported
by current systems to be easily accessible and understandable. As such, the tools to
be developed should be adapted to the data available.
Workshop and main conference This workshop would be a framework for collaboration between researchers/industrialists
in order to share their practices in the use/development of GIS in Archeology. This workshop will be hosted by the Conference AGILE in Leuven (Belgium). Scope On the road to create a collaboratively built standard, we invite submissions of short
papers (max. 1500 words) describing original research addressing the challenge of
combining archaeological data and GIS. Preference is given to papers focusing on
one (or more) specific aspect(s) of the archaeological data complexity,
i.e. data-imperfection, temporality, three-dimensionality, etc.
Papers are to be submitted electronically using the EasyChair server. The link is
Papers may present either a finished work, a work in progress, or a reasoning about
complex data mining in a geospatial context. Discussions about work made across
disciplines are also welcome. Contributions are welcomed both from senior researchers and PhD students. Papers must be written in English according to the AGILE
submission template(.doc template; .docx template; .pdf template) and formatting guidelines.
The proceedings of I4GISCH@AGILE2013 will be published online.